Our Team



Jordan’s interest in film started at a young age; by 14 years old his parents had got him his own video camera and he carried it everywhere! As he got older, he decided to make a career of his passion and went on to study Digital Multimedia Communications and earned his film degree in 2015. He began filming weddings 4 years ago and made the leap to make a business out of it in 2016. What he loves most about filming weddings is getting to know each couple’s love story and creating a personalized film that helps tell it. When he’s not working, he loves woodworking, sports and spending time with his wife, Misti, and their dog, Porter.


Mike started filming weddings shortly after he and his wife got married in 2014. Capturing special moments and intricate details on a wedding day that can't be felt when looking at a picture, motivated Mike to hone his craft as a filmmaker. Mike lives in a floating house where he gets to fish everyday and enjoy the natural beauty of the PNW. He and his wife had their first child in October, so lately his evenings are spent reading (very) short stories and trying to get a toothless grin from his daughter however he can. Becoming a father has been his greatest adventure yet.